• Connex CX366CE Color Changing 40 Channel CB Radio
  • More
  • 6 Different Selectable Display Lights
  • Variable Talkback
  • Variable Power
  • Roger Beep
  • Antenna Warning Light

Connex CX366CE Color Changing 40 Channel CB Radio


Connex CX366CE Overview

Be one of the first to own this exciting new CB Radio from Connex! Full color changing faceplate fully selectable by you. Choose to have the display lights set to a single color or have the colors change every few seconds.

This full featured CB comes with popular features such as variable dial-a-watt RF power control, built-in SWR warning indicator, variable talkback, variable dimmer for the display lights (when turned down all the way the lights are just barely visible) and on/off roger beep.

An extremely large meter makes monitoring your transmissions and incoming signals easier than ever!

One of the most unique features of this radio is the channel express function. This function allows you to quickly switch back to an alternate channel. For example, if your company channel is 15 but you need the CB to operate on 19 you can set 15 as your express channel. While using the radio on channel 19 you can instantly jump to 15 by pressing a single button. Your express channel can be set to whatever channel you like.

Packaged with the Connex CX-366 CE is a Ranger noise canceling microphone, power cord and bracket.

Connex CX366CE Summary

  • Very large meter
  • 6 Selectable Display Lights
  • Front and rear speaker jack
  • Selectable Tone
  • On/off roger beep
  • Channel Express
  • Variable Talkback
  • Variable Power
  • Variable Dimmer Control (for display lights)

Connex CX366CE Technial Specifications

  • Length9 1/4in
  • Width7 7/8in
  • Height2 3/8in
Jason D.
Submitted 5 years ago.
Multi-colored display, built-in SWR alert, a front mounted external speaker and microphone jack. Large easy to see meter.Doesnt peak out as well as a Cobra 29.Currently the only 40 channel CB Connex is offering, but with that said, the display is almost unmatched and the receive sensitivity is slightly better than other similar CB radios.
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