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Connex CX 4600 Turbo 150+ Watt 10 Meter Amateur Radio

Connex CX 4600 Turbo 150+ Watt 10 Meter Amateur Radio

by: Connex
Part# CX4600-TURBO
  • 150+ Watt PeP Output Power
  • Echo and Talkback
  • Variable RF Power
  • Simple, Easy to Use Controls
  • Blue Lights
  • Front Mounted Microphone Jack
CX4600-TURBO image - CONNEX4600TURBO.jpg
CX4600-TURBO image - CONNEX4600TURBO_1.jpg
CX4600-TURBO image - connex_4600_turbo_front.jpg
CX4600-TURBO image - connex_4600_turbo_side.jpg
CX4600-TURBO image - connex_4600_turbo_back.jpg
CX4600-TURBO image - connex_4600_turbo_bottom.jpg
CX4600-TURBO image - connex_4600_turbo_accessories.jpg
CX4600-TURBO image - connex_4600_turbo_box.jpg


The Connex CX-4600 Turbo 150+ Watt has been a popular 10-meter amateur radio from Connex for a few years now due to its high output power equal to or exceeding over 100+ watts PeP. Designed with simple, easy to use controls and trucker specific features, this Connex CB radio for sale offers massive performance but won't require a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering to operate.

Due to uncertainties of your antenna system. Output transistors (finals) are not covered under our warranty.


Built-in Connex Echo and Switchable Talkback
+10 Khz switch
6 Frequency Bands
AM/FM/PA Modes
Front-Mounted Microphone Jack
Blue Channel and Meter Lighting
Bottom Facing Heatsink
7 7/8

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

Power Output
150+ Watts PeP
Frequency Range
10 Meter 28~29 MHz
10 1/8" from SO-239 to bezel
11 1/8" from SO-239 to control knobs
7 7/8"
2 7/8"
Current Draw
20 Amp
Fuse Size
25 Amp
Microphone Pin-Out
Standard 4-Pin
Power Connection

What's Included

  • 4-Pin Dynamic Microphone
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Manual
Last Modified: 11/26/2018