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Cobra HGS500 External Noise Canceling & Talk-Back Speaker

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Cobra  HGS500 External Noise Canceling & Talk-Back Speaker
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Cobra  HGS500 External Noise Canceling & Talk-Back Speaker

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Item #: HGS500

This top of the line CB speaker is designed specifically for the Cobra 25, 29, 148 and Uniden PC 66, 68, 76, 78 series radios due to the talkback feature, this feature is not compatable with radios not listed here.

If you want the same quality and noise canceling properties but don't have one of the listed radios, consider the Cobra HGS300. The noise canceling feature this speaker and the 300 offer will effectively reduce the amount of unwanted background noise, a subtle but nice feature over standard external speakers.

The talkback function allows you to hear your transmissions during transmit, your voice will come through the speaker while talking. This can be a useful tool to make sure your radio is functioning correctly, if you hear your voice there is a good chance you are transmitting.


Noise Canceling
Removes unwanted background noise from incoming transmissions
Talkback Circuitry with Variable on/off Control Allows you transmissions to be heard through the external speaker
Heavy Duty Cable
Cable reaches anywhere in the cab
Right Angle Plug
3.5mm mono plug designed for easy installation in tight spaces
15 Watts means better sound, less distortion, and longer life
Heavy Duty Speaker
Professional desgin with coated speaker cone
Metal Mesh Grille
Unlike any CB speaker you've ever seen
Rugged Construction
Heavy duty hardware and ABS housing to withstand the rigors of the road
180 Degree Ratched Mounting Bracket
Locks securely into any desired position
3.5mm Earpiece Jack for Team Drivers For use with available ear piece, lets your partner rest without interruption (earpiece sold seperately)

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

4 7/8in
4 7/8in

What's Included

  • Mounting Bracket and Knobs
  • HGS500 Speaker

Cobra HGS500 Reviews

By on Sun, Apr 27, 2008

One Helluva Speaker!!! Don't leave home without it. Talk back feature is invaluable for helping you set up the gain on your power mic. I suggest that you get this baby set up in front of you for the full effect. Be aware though that during a storm, if you have a NOAA radio, the emergency tone will knock your ears for a loop. Be extra careful if using the earphones.

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