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Cobra AC 702 Extension for Cobra 75WXST

Cobra AC 702 Extension for Cobra 75WXST

by: Cobra
  • 4 Foot Extension
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4 foot extension for Cobra 75WXST. Attaches to existing handset cable to give it more length, making it easier to find a good install location.


4 foot length
Wired for Cobra 75WXST
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  • Great Addition to any Cobra HandHeld CB
  • Recharges Ni-Cad Batteries With HandHeld CB's
  • Handheld & Mobile CB System
  • Includes 10" antenna
  • Use in your hand or on the go!
  • Handheld CB radio
  • Receives NOAA Weather Stations
  • Dual Watch Monitoring
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Last Modified: 02/24/2015