• Cobra 29 LX LCD Multi-Color Faceplate CB Radio
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Cobra 29 LX LCD Multi-Color Faceplate CB Radio

29LX - New Design Comes To The Cobra 29 Series Of Radios With This 29LX. Inspired features include digital display, updated controls, talk-back, and a weather radio.

  • Multi-Color LCD Faceplate - Blue / Green / Amber / Red
  • Built-in SWR Meter
  • Variable Talkback Control
  • NOAA Weather Channels
  • PA Speaker Jack
  • Standard 7.6in Wide


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Cobra 29LX Overview

The Cobra 29 LX CB Radio for sale features a modern aesthetic design with a selectable LCD color display in red, green, blue, or amber to complement the interior of any cab. The display also has customizable night and day settings to enhance readability in both very bright and very dark conditions. In addition, Cobra's latest CB Radio features a new clock/timer that enables drivers to track their on-time driving hours. The driver clock/timer also functions as an alarm clock.

Based on the Cobra 29 LTD Classic CB Radio platform with added features: The new weather receiver with scan automatically advances to the next clear channel when driving cross-country ensuring the driver is always getting the latest weather alerts and warnings. Also new is the industry's first and only Radio Check Diagnostic. Now users can monitor the radio's RF output, SWR setting, and vehicle battery voltage.

The Cobra 29 LX CB radio for sale also includes all 40-channel scan and memory channel programming, Instant channel 9 and 19, audible key tones, channel frequency readout for CB and weather channels, 4 watts AM RF power output, the maximum amount of power allowed by law; Talk Back controls allowing drivers to adjust the desired amount of modulation talk-back.

Cobra 29LX Features

  • Choose from four easy-to-read display colorsred, blue, green and amber
  • Radio Check DiagnosticAllows testing of important radio functions such as RF power, antenna condition and battery voltage.
  • Memory Channel ScanAllows scanning of up to 10 channels stored in memory.
  • Key TonesProgrammable audible tones when controls are in operation.
  • Day / Night Dimmer ControlAdjusts brightness of the front panel for day and night driving.
  • 40 Channel ScanAllows scanning of all 40 channels.
  • Clock / Timer / AlarmProvides a clock/alarm and on-duty timer for professional drivers.
  • Frequency DisplayDisplays operating channel frequency of CB and weather band.
  • 9 Foot Microphone CordFor easy reach within any area of the vehicle.
  • 4-Pin Front Microphone ConnectorAllows convenient installation to be in dash or under dash.
  • Antenna Warning IndicatorIlluminates when antenna needs checking
  • Talk BackThis control is used to adjust the desired amount of modulation talk back that is present at the speaker during transmit
  • SWR CalibrationAllows calibration of antenna system for maximum performance.
  • PA Speaker ReadyPA (public address) Jack located on back of radio -- just add a public address speaker and you can listen to the radio outside of the vehicle

Cobra 29LX Specifications

  • ModesAM
  • Frequency Range26.965 ~ 27.405 MHz
  • Length8 3/4" from back of case to bezel
  • Length10 1/4" from antenna jack to control knobs
  • Width7 5/16"
  • Height2 7/16"
  • Current Draw2 Amp
  • Microphone Pin-OutStandard 4-Pin
  • Power Connection3-Pin Standard

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