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CB3A Power Cord (Most Common)

CB3A Power Cord (Most Common)

  • Common power cord, compatible with most radios
  • 3-pin connector
  • Includes 4 amp glass fuse
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3 Pin 2 wire power cord for most Cobra, Uniden, Galaxy, Connex, Superstar, Magnum and any other radio with similar power jack.


6ft 2inch
4A included
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  • Common power cord, compatable with most radios
  • 3-pin connector
  • Includes 5 amp glass fuse, larger fuse sizes available
  • Replacement power cord "pigtail" for high output Ranger, Connex, and Galaxy radios
  • Includes built-in fuse and fuse holder
  • 2' long
Last Modified: 02/17/2017