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CB Radio and Antenna System Base Combo

CB Radio and Antenna System Base Combo

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  • Complete Base Station Combination
  • Galaxy DX2547 Base Station CB Radio
  • 18' Proton PT99 Base Station Antenna
  • 50' Coax Cable
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Need a good CB base station radio but don't know where to start? We're here to help. We've gathered all the essential parts to create a great system, including a Galaxy base station and a CB base station radio antenna. We've recommended this setup for many businesses needing to communicate to their drivers or to use with a PA speaker to easily make announcements to employees on a lot. It's also a great setup for the home hobbyist wanting to reach out and communicate with friends or make new contacts.

This complete CB base station package consists of the following parts:

Galaxy DX2547 CB Radio with Built-in AC/DC Power Supply for in-door operation
PT99 18ft Base Station CB antenna
RG8UB50 50ft Coax Cable with hand-soldered PL-259 connectors


Galaxy DX2547 Features
2 Digit Channel Indicator Displays current channel.
Operates on both AC and DC Flip a switch on the back of the radio for either home or mobile use.
Six Digit Frequency Counter See exactly what frequency you are on.
Large, easy-to-read meter with 4 scales -

What's Included

  • Galaxy DX2547 CB Radio Base Station with AM/LSB/USB Modes
  • Proton PT99 Antenna
  • RG8UB50 Coaxial Cable
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Last Modified: 09/29/2017