• CB Radio and Antenna System Base Combo
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A complete CB radio package for your home or office. Easy fast setup!

  • Complete Base Station Combination
  • Galaxy DX2547 Base Station CB Radio
  • 18' Proton PT99 Base Station Antenna
  • 50' Coax Cable
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CB Radio and Antenna System Base Combo

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Galaxy BASECOMBO Overview

Need a good CB base station radio but don't know where to start? We're here to help. We've gathered all the essential parts to create a great system, including a Galaxy base station and a CB base station radio antenna. We've recommended this setup for many businesses needing to communicate to their drivers or to use with a PA speaker to easily make announcements to employees on a lot. It's also a great setup for the home CB radio hobbyist wanting to reach out and communicate with friends or make new contacts.

This complete CB base station package consists of the following parts:

Galaxy DX2547 CB Radio with Built-in AC/DC Power Supply for in-door operation
PT99 18ft Base Station CB antenna
RG8UB50 50ft Coax Cable with hand-soldered PL-259 connectors

Galaxy BASECOMBO Summary

  • Galaxy DX2547 Features:
  • 2 Digit Channel Indicator Displays current channel.
  • Operates on both AC and DC Flip a switch on the back of the radio for either home or mobile use.
  • Six Digit Frequency Counter See exactly what frequency you are on.
  • Large, easy-to-read meter with 4 scales -

Galaxy BASECOMBO Technial Specifications

gary c.
Submitted 9 years ago.
great rig operates as advertised and looks very professional

gary craig
lawton oklahoma
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