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CB Antenna Whip 102

CB Antenna Whip 102" Stainless Steel IC56C Hustler

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Part# IC56C
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Too Long To Ship
UPS has changed the amount to ship extremely long packages. Packages exceeding 96", like this antenna, would cost over $100 for shipping alone. This change by UPS has made shipping these antennas unrealistic. This product is available for in-store pickup only.

CB Antenna Whip 102"
The best 102” CB whip antenna ever invented, and it's as simple as an antenna can get. The ideal length for a quarter wave CB antenna is between 102~208" long, and this antenna at 102" combined with a 4" spring will provide you with unbeatable performance.

Tapered steel design is skinny on top, and thicker at the base. The IC56C Hustler antenna has a 3/8" male bolt at the base, compatible with any CB antenna mount.


Stainless Steel
3/8x24 Bolt
Last Modified: 01/17/2018