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CB Antenna stud mount Predator LUGSTUD Heavy Duty

CB Antenna stud mount Predator LUGSTUD Heavy Duty

by: Predator
  • Heavy Duty CB Antenna Stud
  • Made specifically for Predator brand antennas, but will work with anything
  • Crimp-on "lug" ring terminal style coax connection on bottom

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CB Antenna stud mount Heavy duty stud designed to be used with bulkier antennas such as a Predator 10k, Wilson 5000, or DX Liberty. Comes with lug ring terminal connection style.


Heavy Aluminum Design
Lug Style Connection

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

2 1/2in Total
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  • Heavy Duty Predator Brand Antenna Stud
  • Uses PL259 Coax Connection
  • Compatible With Any 3/8x24" Antenna
  • Heavy Duty Right Angle CB Antenna Stud
  • Standard 3/8 24 Threads
  • Accepts PL-259 Cable Connector
  • So-239 Connection
  • 3/8 inch 24 Thread
  • Brass Construction
Last Modified: 04/05/2017