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CB Antenna Stud Mount Firestik - K4A - PL259 Screw-On Connection

CB Antenna Stud Mount Firestik - K4A - PL259 Screw-On Connection

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Part# K4A
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CB Antenna Stud Mount Firestik - K4A - PL259 Screw-On Connection
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CB Antenna Stud Mount. Used to connect a CB antenna to a bracket and the coax cable to the antenna. A vital junction point that holds an antenna system together.


The importance of the stud mount cannot be over stressed! The antenna stud mount acts as a bridge between the antenna and the coaxial feedline. Accordingly, it needs to allow for efficient transfer of your transmitted and received signals to and from the transceiver. If the stud mount doesn't perform that task efficiently you end up with unneeded loss. And if that isn't enough, the stud mount must be strong enough to withstand all of the stress placed upon it from an antenna that is subject to severe wind load and vibration.

Firestik stud mounts have become the standard of our industry. This wasn't by accident. It was because users learned to appreciate their outstanding design and material quality. Instead of inexpensive aluminum, we use chrome plated machine brass. Instead of 9/16" (14mm) hex-stock, we use 5/8" (16mm) stock. Instead of ABS or inferior plastic insulators, we use nylon. Instead of cadium plated hardware, we use stainless steel. Furthermore, our heavy-duty 3/8" center shanks can mean the difference between trouble free use and lost antennas.

Our model K-4A stud mount has been praised by communications professionals for 20 years. You can actually pay more for a stud mount but you certainly will not get more than what the K-4A offers. The K-4A should be used whenever a PL-259 terminated coax cable is to be used (K-8A, K-9A, R-8A, R-9A). Like the K-4, this stud is designed for 1/2" (13mm) holes. In a typical installation, antennas with 0.680" (15mm) of exposed threads can be used without the fear of bottoming out before proper tightening is accomplished.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

3/8 Antenna Mount with SO-239 (female UHF) on the bottom. Typically used for CB antennas.
Requires a 1/2in hole
Can support up to 6ft CB antennas
Last Modified: 09/27/2017