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BXXX Pivot Bracket for DXX and DXX Mounts

BXXX Pivot Bracket for DXX and DXX Mounts

Part# BXXX
  • Pivot base for the DXX and DXXX brackets
  • Brackets and Mounting Harware not included
  • Painted Steel Construction
BXXX image - BXXX.jpg
BXXX image - BXXX_1.jpg


The BXXX is a heavy duty pivot mount designed to hold multiple radios 7 7/8" wide. The base has multiple slots so that you can pivot the top bracket into a convenient position for your installation.

Mounting Brackets Sold Separately!
There are two different heights of top bracket available. The extra long DXXX bracket will allow you to tilt the radios up towards you, while the DXX bracket requires the radios to lay parallel to the base.


BXXX Mounting Plate
This is one part of a two part system.
The BXXX is the mounting plate that is typically fastened to the floorboard, you need to choose either the DXXX or DXX bracket to complete this setup as a mounting system.
8 in wide, 6 in deep, 1 in height
Last Modified: 12/05/2018