• Astatic AST878DM Amplified Base Station Desk Microphone
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Astatic AST878DM Amplified Base Station Desk Microphone

Astatic Base Station Amplified Desk Microphone Easy to use Push-To-Talk Bar that can be locked in the on position.

  • Astatic AST878DM Amplified Desk Microphone
  • Pre-wired 4-pin Standard


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Astatic AST878DM Overview

The Astatic AST878DM is an Omni Directional Ceramic Desk microphone offering a rugged cycolac housing for industrial and commercial applications. The Microphone switching is accomplished with a simple PTT button with locking capabilities.

The volume of the CB desk mic can be adjusted with a potentiometer located under the base. The AST878DM is manufacturered to take normal abuse while retaining it's performance, just like you would expect from the Astatic brand.

Astatic AST878DM Features

  • Standard PTT "Push-to-talk" and "Lock-To-Talk" buttons
  • High quality omnidirectional ceramic cartridge
  • Five conductor shielded, strandard astatic color coded cable with 4-pin (standard Cobra/Galaxy wiring) connector
  • Requires 9 volt battery (not included)

Astatic AST878DM Specifications

Length9 1/4"
Width4 1/2"
Coiled mic cord stretches to 6'

Astatic AST878DM Reviews

Richard N.
Submitted 9 years ago.
Tres bon micro,aucun probleme.
randall k.
Submitted 10 years ago.
sound good power goodi wont buy another one,not worth the price they charge you for it..cheep plastic..has problems, plug to big and tight for all 4 pins,mic gain on bottom to fragile,batt door wont stay on..i didn\'t have more then 3mins out of the box and problems started..
Miles H.
Submitted 10 years ago.
Good sounding ic. Develops a scratchy keyup after about 2 months of use. Even after cleaning contacts several times it comes back.
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