• ARRL 9388 Emergency Communication Handbook

ARRL 9388 Emergency Communication Handbook ( discontinued )


ARRL 9388 Overview

The "Emergency Communication Handbook" is a great primer for hams who would like to volunteer their time and communication skills in service to the public. It is also THE place to start if you have never volunteered and are interested in doing so. These handbooks Include details on basic emergency communication methods, message handling, and more. If you have ever thought about assisting the RACES or ARES organizations, these books will help you to understand what to expect and what you may want to take along as you enter into emergency communications.

These books encompass the "Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course-Level I" training manual, but add a considerable amount of information designed to quickly bring you up to speed.

We never know when an emergency will strike. The "Emergency Communication Handbook" is your way to prepare your Amateur Radio response.

ARRL 9388 Technial Specifications