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3 Amp 12V AC to DC Power Supply - Pyramid PS4KX

3 Amp 12V AC to DC Power Supply - Pyramid PS4KX

by: Pyramid
  • 3 Amp Constant Power, 4 Amp Surge Power
  • Ideal for Powering CB Radios
PS4KX image - PS4KX.jpg


Sorry, the PS4KX is discontinued.

Used for converting DC devices such as a mobile CB radio or scanners to work with your home's AC wall outlet. 3 Amp constant with 4 amp surge.

Commonly used with stock CB radios. If you have a peaked CB radio or a 10 meter radio this power supply will not work.


Screw Terminal Connectors
Electronic Overload Protection With Auto-Reset
Short Circuit and Thermal Protection
Fuse Protected
3 Prong Grounded AC Plug
Anti-Skid Rubber Feet

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

7 1/2 in
4 7/8 in
4 in
Constant Current Output
Maximum Current Peak
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Last Modified: 04/06/2017