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All Metal Hump Mount

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All Metal Hump Mount
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HUM1 image - hum1_radio_mount_front_side.jpg
HUM1 image - hum1_radio_mount_front_straight_on.jpg
HUM1 image - hum1_radio_mount_side.jpg
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HUM1 image - hum1_radio_mount_top.jpg
All Metal Hump Mount

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Item #: HUM1

Steel CB radio hump mount with a hole for speaker. Bolt your CB radio bracket to the top of this mount, then using screws or bolts (sold separately) mount the bottom part of this mount to any surface.



Workman Electronics HUM1 Reviews

By on Sat, Feb 05, 2011

HUM1 Radio Hump Mount
This is a well designed mount. It's quite sturdy but also adjusts to any floor type or angle. Great for the price.
I'm changing mine to a quick install by replacing the machine screws on the mounting plate with knobs and milling both the axial and straight slots all the way to the end of the plate. Then I can loosen the knobs tip the rig up and slide it out of the bottom bracket. LOVELY!
(Kevin WW0JD & PG00023016)



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