• 7.5in RAM RAM111 Pedestal Mount
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  • Best multi-purpose CB & Ham radio mount available
  • Highly adjustable
  • Mounts to floor or console

7.5in RAM RAM111 Pedestal Mount

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RAM-MOUNT RAM111 Overview

RAM pedestal mount with adjustable plate & base. Works great for radio mounting or mount upside down for use with RAM2343 computer tray, or commonly used to mount CB and 10 meter radios inside pickup trucks.

RAM-MOUNT RAM111 Summary

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Two Adjustable Swivel-Ball Joints

RAM-MOUNT RAM111 Technial Specifications

  • Length2in
  • Width6 1/4in
  • Height7 1/2
Bennie H.
Submitted 5 years ago.
At leat they machined off the filled holes on the top side.Just a fat below average product.Ordered one of these mounts a while back to mount in my truck. When I received it I was shocked to say the least. The mounting plate had numerous holes that had been filled and machined off on the top side. The bottom side looked like a wasp nest. I know if I would have done work like this in my 27 years of machining I would have been unemployed. I don't recommend this product due to the manufactures lack of quality.
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