• Uniden BC980 CB Radio w/ SSB Single Side Band

Uniden BC980 CB Radio w/ SSB Single Side Band

BC980 - Large, Easy To Read Display In This Full Featured CB Radio AM & Single Sideband (SSB) modes. Weather radio with weather alert.

  • Single Sideband SSB (USB/LSB) Modes
  • 7 Color Digital Display
  • 7 NOAA Weather Channels and Alert
  • SWR Meter Built-In


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Uniden BC980 Overview

The new Uniden BearCat 980 CB radio with SSB comes packed with features in a more compact case. The case is smaller than most comparable radios like the Cobra 29's, which make it easier to install when space is at a premium. They've added a large digital display making it very easy to read, and lets you quickly see the frequency, channel, S/RF meter, and other settings all from the same display. The BC 980 also comes with SSB (single side band) and a clarifier to fine tune your operational frequency.

Uniden BC980 Features

  • Large, easy to read display
  • 7-Color BacklightingSwitch between different display colors
  • Variable TalkbackAllows you to hear your own transmission
  • Built-in SWR MeterCheck your antenna system's SWR directly through the radio
  • AM/USB/LSB Modes
  • NOAA WeatherGives you access to 7 NOAA weather stations to give you weather updates for your area
  • Noise Blanker and Automatic Noise LimiterReduces unwanted receive static
  • Memory function lets you set a channel to memory so you can quickly switch to that channel
  • Scan function to scan through the 40 CB channels
  • Dimmer for Day/Night Brightness Setting
  • Frequency Display
  • PA ModeAllows you to attach a PA speaker and communicate over the speaker
  • Clarifier+/- 1 khz receiver clarifier

Uniden BC980 Specifications

  • ModesAM/USB/LSB
  • Frequency Range26.965 ~ 27.405 MHz
  • Length (case)7 5/8"
  • Length (full)8 7/8" from antenna jack to control knobs
  • Width7 5/16"
  • Height2 1/4"
  • Current Draw2 Amp
  • Microphone Pin-Out6-Pin Uniden
  • Power Connection3-Pin Standard

Uniden BC980 Reviews

Tommy H.
Submitted 6 years ago.
After a couple weeks of consulting back and forth with the team at Walcott Radio, I finally purchased this unit. The Walcott team was a great help in assisting me with making my decision. Now for the radio, Great unit right out of the box, paired with 18 feet of Procomm coax with the removable PL259 on one end also purchased from Walcott Radio and fed into a Wilson 2000 trucker ant with the 5in shaft. This unit walks the dog. First on the air test resulted in a contact about 10 miles away telling me I was "Loud n Proud".
Before purchasing this unit, I watched multiple YouTube videos of all the "golden screwdrivers" doing this mod and that mod to these units. Why mess with a perfect product? These radios are great from Uniden, and the SMT they are using now leads me to believe those videos are just a bunch of smoke and mirrors to take advantage of the consuming public and lighten their pockets of hard earned cash.
Bottom line, if you are looking for a solid performing radio out of the box the Uniden 980SSB is it. Never remove a cover, just install and enjoy. And as for a great team to deal with you have found it in Walcott Radio!!!!
Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!
chris g.
Submitted 7 years ago.
Purchased this radio to replace my aging PRO 520. No complaints yet. I'm running this radio with a Hustler HQ-27 . Great performance right out of the box, got out on AM and LSB with pretty good results-About 35-40 miles without any amp or tuning, on a hill about 100' above sea level. LOVE the scan feature as well as all the other features. Great radio so far, and FAST shipping from these guys!!!!!!! THANK YOU WALCOTT RADIO!!!!!I only have one concern, not a con. the channel selector knob has a light feel to it. Probably wouldn't want to bump into it hard.AWESOME!!!!!!
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