• Texas Ranger TRE292 CB Radio with Roger Beep - Peaked To Max
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Texas Ranger TRE292 CB Radio with Roger Beep - Compact Cobra 29 Size Chassis - Peaked to Maximum Performance

TRE292 - CB with Roger Beep peak and tuned. Get a ton of great features like SWR meter, talkback, and Roger Beep all in a standard Cobra 29 sized chassis

  • Front Mounted Microphone
  • Built-In SWR Meter
  • Roger Beep
  • Variable Talkback
  • Fits in Truck Cubbies!


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Ranger TRE292-PEAK Overview

The all new Texas Ranger TRE compact CB radios will fit into any standard CB opening, cubby, or console that's designed for the standard width of 7 5/16" - the same width as a Cobra 29. Featuring an all black faceplate and case, with subtle dimmable white lights. Built-in talkback, and Roger beep and a variable RF power control.

Ranger TRE292-PEAK Features

  • Built-In SWR MeterUse To Check Your Antenna System
  • Roger BeepSignals End of Transmission
  • Variable TalkbackHear your own voice while talking, useful to monitor your transmissions
  • Variable Mic gainAdjusts the loudness of your voice
  • Variable RF gainAdjusts the receiver sensitivity
  • PA Speaker ReadyEasily Connect A Public Address Speaker
  • Front Mounted MicrophoneStraight Pull From The Front
  • Variable RF PowerAdjusts your AM carrier 1-4 watts

Ranger TRE292-PEAK Specifications

Frequency Range26.965 ~ 27.405 MHz
Length8 3/4" from back of case to bezel
Length10 1/4" from antenna jack to control knobs
Width7 5/16"
Height2 3/16"
Current Draw2 Amp
Microphone Pin-OutStandard 4-Pin
Power Connection3-Pin Standard

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