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Ranger RCI69FFB4 400 + Watts Modulation SSB 10 Meter Radio

4/5 based on 3 Reviews by: Ranger
Ranger RCI69FFB4 400 + Watts Modulation SSB 10 Meter Radio
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Ranger RCI69FFB4 400 + Watts Modulation SSB 10 Meter Radio

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Item #: RCI69FFB4


Welcome to the most powerful radio available, the Ranger RCI 69FFB4.

Boasting over 400 watts PeP, this puts everything else to shame in terms of sheer performance. Twice the power output of the Galaxy DX98VHP and almost 4 times as powerful as the Connex 3600 and Stryker SR497, if you want to be heard - this is it!

Ranger's latest radio has packs all the features and power you could hope for in a single chassis. Excellent operation on sideband. Built in frequency display, echo, talkback, variable RF power, mic gain, and RF gain.

Due to uncertainties of your antenna system. Output transistors (finals) are not covered under our warranty.


Heavy Duty Heatsink
Fully Chromed Faceplate Bezel
10 Meter Coverage
28.245-29.655 MHz
Power Output
200W AM/FM/CW, 400W SSB / 400W AM PeP
Adjustable am RF Power
10W low / 150W high
Built-in Frequency Counter
Excellent Receiver Sensitivity
New PLL and VCO Design
Very stable operating frequency
Built-in double FET balance mixer
excellent intermodulation performance in receive mode

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

Power Output
400+ Watts PeP
Frequency Range
10 Meter 28~29 MHz
10 1/4" from heatsink to bezel
11 1/4" from heatsink to control knobs
7 7/8"
3 1/4"
Current Draw
50 Amp
Fuse Size
60 Amp
Microphone Pin-Out
Standard 4-Pin
Power Connection
2-Pin Heavy Duty

What's Included

  • Ranger RCi69FFB4 10 Meter Radio
  • 4-Pin Microphone
  • 2-Pin Power Wire Pigtail (1' long)
  • Mounting Bracket & Knobs
  • Owner's Manual

Ranger RCI69FFB4 Reviews

By on Thu, Oct 01, 2015

By on Mon, May 04, 2015

had this radio in my truck for about a week and its a monster love it power is crazy had a friend call me that was 35 miles away telling me he couldnt talk to the people in the town he was in i was walking all over them would buy another in a heartbeat Walcott radio did a awesome job shipping was very fast i ordered it Saturday they shipped it Monday

Pros: extreme power very loud

Cons: need to keep in a open place does get hot when power is turned up and echo kinda weak sounding

By on Sat, Nov 08, 2014

I have had one of these for about 6 weeks now. I have to say that so far I have not been impressed with this radio. I had a 2950 in the past and it was a very good radio. When I saw this model, I didn't hesitate. I had it tuned up. The problem with mine is it refuses to stay centered on frequency. It will constantly drift 1-3khz. I have never had a great audio report so far. I replaced the stock mic with a RK 56 but it didn't really change any reports. It probably is okay with the drifting frequency on AM but for side band it would not be acceptable. The red writing on the chrome face plate was a major mistake. It is almost unreadable, how they chose red over black is a big question. I have not thrown mine off of a bridge YET but have come close.

Pros: heavy, makes for a great boat anchor

Cons: drifting frequency, unstable, red print on chrome face plate

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