• Ranger RCI63FFD4 350 + Watts Modulation 10 Meter Radio

Ranger RCI63FFD4 350 + Watts Modulation 10 Meter Radio

RCI63FFD4 - The most Powerful Radio on the Market. 350+ Watts Modulation 10 Meter Radio We DO NOT recommend a magnet mt antenna Direct to battery power connection is Required. We suggest our pre-built DXBK4GA cable assembly.

  • FREE - 90 Day In-Store Warranty! (except finals)
  • 350+ Watts PeP Power Output - Upgraded model Feb 2020
  • Variable Echo and Talkback
  • Built-In SWR Meter & Frequency Counter
  • Variable RF Power
  • Chrom Ranger Noise Canceling Mic Included!


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Frequency Expansion & Alignment
Heavy Duty Fused Battery Cable Power Cord Kit for Ultra High Output 10 Meter Radios
11067 Stainless Steel Radio Bracket for 10 Meter Radios
RF Deck ON/OFF Toggle Switch

Ranger RCI63FFD4 Overview

Welcome to the most powerful AND reliable CB radio available, the Ranger RCI 63FFB4.

Boasting over 350 watts PeP, this Ranger CB radio puts everything else to shame in terms of sheer performance. Twice the power output of the Galaxy DX98VHP and almost 4 times as powerful as the Connex 3600 and Stryker SR497, if you want to be heard - this is it!

All new! 350 watt radio 10 Meter radio, now without SSB and a slightly darker chrome faceplate. Save money, get a warranty, and adjust your echo -- all for less than the Ranger RCI69FFB4 10-meter radio.

Our tech department has found that using #8 AWG wire or smaller will result in power output loss due to voltage drop. In fact, we've seen this radio LOSE over 100 watts PeP with insufficient power wire! Why buy a radio like this unless you plan on getting all the power you can out of it. Do not gimp your power output by going cheap on the power wire! To ensure maximum power output, make sure you use at least #4 AWG power wire directly to your battery. This radio does not come with a power cord. We have a 16 foot long, high quality #4 AWG fine stranded copper wire power cable kit including a built-in fuse block with fuse, battery terminals so the cable is ready to connect to your battery, and the anderson DC power connection for the radio. It's everything you need to get this radio powered up properly.

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  • DISCOUNT WITH RADIO PURCHASE! Normally $169.95, buy with the radio for only $139.95

  • 16 Feet Long

  • 60A Glass fuse with pre-installed fuse holder

  • #4 AWG High Quality fine stranded copper power wire. We use only the best possible power wire for this cable, it will not crack or fall apart over time. Beware of cheaper alternatives!

  • Anderson DC Connector -- Plugs into this radio

  • Copper LUG battery terminals installed

  • Complete system assembled for you! This isn't a bunch of parts, you are getting a quality power cable that is completely pre-assembled by the techs at Walcott Radio and ready for your installation.

Ranger RCI63FFD4 Features

  • Heavy Duty Heatsink With Cooling Fan
  • Fully Chromed Faceplate Bezel
  • 10 Meter Coverage28.245-29.655 MHz
  • Power Output350W AM PeP
  • Adjustable am RF Power10W low / 100W high
  • Built-in Frequency Counter
  • SWR MeterNo Calibration, Just Switch On And Read
  • New PLL and VCO DesignVery stable operating frequency

Ranger RCI63FFD4 Specifications

  • Power Output350+ Watts PeP
  • ModesAM / FM
  • Frequency Range10 Meter 28~29 MHz
  • Length10 1/4" from heatsink to bezel
  • Length11 1/4" from heatsink to control knobs
  • Width7 7/8"
  • Height3 1/4"
  • Current Draw50 Amp
  • Fuse Size60 Amp
  • Microphone Pin-OutStandard 4-Pin
  • Power Connection2-Pin Heavy Duty

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