• NMO Mount with Coax Cable and FME to PL259 Adapter - For 1/2in Hole Mounts
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NMO Mount and Cable - For Thick Brackets With 1/2in Hole Mounts

Easy to install NMO connector attached to LMR®-200 type low loss cable which is preferred for VHF, UHF Ham and GMRS radios. The other end has a removable PL-259 connector for a no solder installation. This NMO is designed for mounting on thicker materials, typically an aluminum bracket with a 1/2 inch hole.

  • Designed For Mounts 3/16 Inch Thick - 1/2" Hole
  • Easy to Assemble NMO Connector.
  • Low Loss LMR®-200 Type Cable - Preferred for VHF, UHF Ham and GMRS Radios.
  • Removable PL-259 Connector - No Solder Installation.
  • 15 Feet In Length.


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Walcott Radio NMO15-ALUM-NIP Overview

If you're upgrading from an existing antenna system and need an NMO mount, or if you want to put together a setup and need the NMO mount with coax. This cable will work. Most NMO cables require a 3/4" hole or larger, this cable and mount only needs a 1/2" hole. Why does this matter? If you already have a fender mount for a CB antenna and decide you want to use a HAM radio antenna instead, this mount will take the place of your CB coax and stud without you changing the mount.

Walcott Radio NMO15-ALUM-NIP Specifications

  • 15 feet long
  • Easy assemble NMO connector
  • Low Loss LMR®-200 Type Cable
  • Removable PL-259 Connector

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