• Midland MXT400 Mobile GMRS Radio with 40 Watts
  • More
  • 40 Watts Output
  • GMRS Radio Band
  • Compact
  • Long Range

Midland MXT400 Mobile GMRS Radio with 40 Watts


Midland MXT400 Overview

Get Midland’s most powerful two-way radios with the all new MXT400. More than 4 times the output power of their previous model, and over 8 times the power of the handheld GMRS radios. Talk far and clear, on the general mobile radio service band.

Make sure to add a compatible antenna, this is only the Midland GMRS mobile radio.

Midland MXT400 Summary

  • Full 40W Radio
  • 8 repeater channels for increased communication range
  • 15 high power GMRS channels
  • Radio Dimensions1.6" x 5.5" x 7.3"
  • 142 privacy codes
  • Silent Operation
  • Channel Scan
  • Programmable Squelch
  • Keypad Lock
  • Monitor Mode
  • Keystroke Tones
  • Digital Volume Control
  • Backlit Display
  • Compatible with all Midland GMRS radios
  • *Antenna and mount not included

Midland MXT400 Technial Specifications