• Hustler FG27S 4 Foot Low-Profile Stainless Steel CB Antenna
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  • hustler-fg27s-stainless-steel-cb-antenna-main.jpg
  • hustler-fg27s-stainless-steel-cb-antenna-main.jpg
  • hustler-fg27s-stainless-steel-cb-antenna-main.jpg
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Hustler FG27S 4 Foot Low-Profile Stainless Steel CB Antenna

  • Low Profile Stainless Steel CB Antenna
  • 4ft Long
  • 150 Watt Rated


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Hustler FG27S Overview

Looking for a low profile CB antenna, something similar in appearance to your AM/FM antenna?

This is your solution. The FG27S weighs in a 4' long and is predominately a thin stainless steel whip. A slim coil and lower rod gives this antenna an understated appearance while providing excellent tuning and performance.

Our most popular hood / fender mounted CB antenna as it's very thin and closely resembles your stock AM/FM antenna. Doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

Hustler FG27S Specifications

  • Connector3/8
  • Power Handling150 Watts
  • MaterialStainless Steel
  • Length4ft
  • Set Screw6/32 Stainless Steel Bolt

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