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Firestik SS294A Stake Pocket Pickup Truck CB Antenna Mount

Firestik SS294A Stake Pocket Pickup Truck CB Antenna Mount

by: Firestik
  • Stake Pocket Mount (Bracket and Stud Only)
  • Designed for the top of pickup truck bed rails
  • Coax cable sold separately
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Firestik SS294A universal CB antenna mount for pickup trucks that have an open stake pocket on the top of the bed rail. This bracket consists of two pieces of metal, one that fits inside the stake pocket hole and one that goes on top. As you tighten the 4 bolts the two plates clamp together thus providing a secure, grounded CB antenna mount that doesn't require any drilling.

With this mount the antenna will come straight out of the stake pocket opening. Your pickup's bed rail may have a slight pitch which may result in the antenna leaning away from the vehicle slightly, in some cases you can counter this tilting by shimming one side of the mount or bending the antenna slightly.

This mount utilizes a standard PL-259 coax cable.


Stainless Steel Construction
Includes K4A Antenna Stud (for standard CB coax)
No Drilling Required
Last Modified: 09/14/2017