• Dummy Load 1000 Watt

Test Your Radio WITHOUT Testing The Neighbors! Transmit into this dummy load instead of your antenna for accurate wattage measurements.

  • Rated At 1000 Watts
  • Mineral Oil Required - Not Included

DL1000 Watt Dummy Load for CB Radio Testing

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Walcott Radio DL1000 Overview

Dummy loads like this are used on base station setups, or test benches when you want to measure power output without actually broadcasting your signal. But more importantly is making sure you are using an exact 50 ohm test variable that won't change like an antenna system might. When measuring power output, if you're looking for accuracy, you do not want the antenna system with all of it's potential variables to affect your reading. Requires mineral oil sold separately (typically hardware / automotive stores).

Walcott Radio DL1000 Technial Specifications