• Alinco DR-735T Dualband 2m Meter 144 - 148 MHz 70cm 430 - 450 MHz Radio with Color Changing Faceplat
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DR735T by Alinco
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Alinco DR-735T Dualband 2m Meter 144 - 148 MHz 70cm 430 - 450 MHz Radio with Color Changing Faceplat


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Alinco DR735T Overview

Get talking with this beautifully designed Alinco dual-band UHF VHF mobile radio with remote mountable faceplate (sold separately, EDS-30 separation kit).

The Alinco DR-735 dual band radio features eight full color LEDs enabling you to customize your display colors! Using 10 standard colors plus 6 color memory channels in the set mode, the Alinco DR-735 dual band radio lets you assign different colors for different functions. For example, you can designate one color to the right VFO and a different color to the left VFO or add them to memory so you can see at a glance which memory bank you are using. It’s your choice whether to use blue for VHF memories, pink for local
repeaters, green for aviation channels or yellow for UHF channels. And, you can set the status colors for TX/RX/Standby separately. You can also select 2 animated multi-color displays.
This “beautifully simple” radio has fully independent keys and dials to deliver true dual-band operation. The removable front panel can be remotely mounted or inverted for optimal speaker placement. Building on Alinco’s reputation for simple operating commands and straight-forward key design, the DR-735 is a dual band radio you can start enjoying from the moment you power up.

Full-duplex receiver enables simultaneous TX/RX within 144/440MHz bands as well as V/V and U/U receiver capability.
Fully independent frequency, audio level and squelch knobs for right and left VFOs make it seem more like operating two
monoband radios rather than a dual band transceiver.
Simply press the volume knob to select the VFO you wish to use for transmitting.
Cross-band repeater function available on all DR-735T radios. (Be sure to observe all regulations applicable to cross-band operation.)
Computer programmable with free software available for download at www.alinco.com
Set Mode menus are divided into basic and advanced, allowing you to assign less frequently used modes such as auto
power off or busy channel lockout to set and forget. That makes it easier to access the menus you use more often, such
as scan mode and pager settings.
Large heatsink and quiet fan for stability while operating
Wide and narrow ceramic filters enable true narrow band operation
Two speaker ports located on the back of the unit allow you to separate signals by both right and left sides or by internal
or external speakers using audio from a single external source.

Alinco DR735T Summary

  • Easy repeater accessFeatures manual shift and offset direction setting plus preset and programmable auto-repeater settings. Includes 4 tone-burst tones.
  • Versatile memory functionsIncludes 1,000 memory channels in 10 banks, 100 right-only/100 left-only memories, 100 dual memories, 5 pairs of programmed-scan
  • channels, and 2 call channels. All memory channels can hold output setting, tones, LCD display color selections and more.
  • Easy-to-Read DisplayLarge LCD screen offers adjustable display brightness, color and contrast along with 6-character alphanumeric tags, a brightness timer that
  • boosts light levels temporarily when keys are engaged and a “scan light” feature that increases brightness for two seconds when scanning
  • stops.
  • Convenient Receiver FunctionsIncludes popular functions such as pager (icon and beep tones), extended receive, aviation and utility monitoring on VHF and UHF
  • frequencies, a variety of selectable channel steps, CTCSS/DCS capabilities for selective monitoring, a 10dB RX attenuator, sub-band mute, reception image rejection and auto-power-off.
  • Advanced Transmitting Features:Valued by many seasoned operators, these features are part of the set mode menu that includes time-out-timer and busy channel
  • lockout as well as an adjustable mid-power output level, microphone gain adjustment and cross-band repeat (T model only)*.
  • Selectable Scan Modes:Choose from a variety of scan modes that include VFO, memory, programmed or priority scans with busy and timed modes,
  • CTCSS/DCS tone detection and memory scans with “skip” and “favorite” settings. (Utility software required for priority scan setting.)
  • Popular Features:Other popular features include single-band mode, a restore function that recalls set-mode settings even after a complete reset, five
  • different reset modes (system, complete, VFO, memory and color resets), cable-cloning and utility software.

Alinco DR735T Technial Specifications

  • Frequency RangeTXT VHF 144.00 - 147.995MHz / UHF 430.00 - 449.995MHz TXE 144.00 - 145.995MHz / 430.00 - 439.995MHz RX108 - 173.995 MHz 400.000 - 479.995MHz
  • Modulation:16K0F3E(FM)/8K50F3E(Narrow FM)/F1E(digital voice)/F2D(1200bps)/A3E(RX only/AM)
  • Channel Steps:5, 6.25, 8.33, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100KHz
  • Memory ChannelsFree-programmable 1000ch / R+L 100ch each / dual 100ch VHF CALL / UHF CALL 1ch each / 5 pairs program scan
  • Antenna Impedance50 ohm unbalanced
  • Power Supply Requirement13.8V DC +/- 15% Negative ground
  • Current Drain 12A TX high / 0.6A RX max. / 0.4A RX squelched
  • Usable Temperature-10 C to +60 C (14F to 140F)
  • Dimensions140mm(W) X 60mm(H) X 188mm(D) or 5.5 x 2.4 x 7.4 inches
  • WeightApprox. 1.3kg or 45.9oz
  • Transmitter
  • Output (Approx.):High 50W / Mid 20W / Low 5W
  • Modulation System:Variable Reactance Frequency Modulation
  • Max.Frequency Deviation+/- 5 KHz (FM) / +/- 2.5 KHz (NFM)
  • Spurious emissions:Less than -60dB
  • Receiver
  • Squelch:Double Conversion Superheterodyne
  • Intermediate Frequencies:VHF main 21.7MHz/450KHZ UHF main 30.85MHz/455kHz
  • Receive system:Double Conversion Superheterodyne