• T Adapter for CB Coax Cable
  • PL-259 (M) to 2x PL-259 (F) Adapter
  • "T" Adapter for connecting two 75 ohm coax cables together.
  • DO NOT USE to connect two 50 ohm single cables together

T Adapter for CB Coax Cable

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Walcott Radio TAT Overview

Coax cable "T" adapter, allows you to connect two pieces of coax together to a single connection. Commonly used for co-phase coax. Please note! You will have an impedence mis-match if you attempt to connect to 50 ohm CB coaxes together, if you want to create a co-phase coax system for CB you need to make sure both coaxes are 75 ohm, or RG59.

Walcott Radio TAT Technial Specifications