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ABR Industries LMR-240-UHF type RG8X Coax Cable with PL259 Connectors

ABR Industries LMR-240-UHF type RG8X Coax Cable with PL259 Connectors

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RG8X size:.240″ Low Loss.
Best Grade PL259 connectors on Each End.
Weather-Proof Heat Shrink Tubing (HST) Each End.
30% lower loss than the standard RG8x.
Flexible Stranded Center Conductor.
96% TC Braid + bonded 100% Foil Shield.
Shield Effectiveness <90dB. That means that you get virtually no noise interference.
Very Flexible, Light Weight, and Smaller than RG8 sizes.
Perfect for Amateur Radio: Mobile, Dipoles, & Portable, Condos, and Apartments applications.
Non-Contaminating-UV Resistant-Direct Burial-Black Jacket.
Gas Injected Foam Polyethylene Dielectric VP: 84%
our Closed-Cell-GIFP dielectric is a major advantage over standard RG8x; those products use a chemical foam dielectric; which causes higher losses, will-not stand-up to heat, and that will cause the center conductor to migrate into the braid, and short-out.
Voltage DC: 1500Volts RMS: 5000
Maximum permissible D.C. voltage level is conservatively 3 times the A.C. level.
PP kW: 5.6
RoHS Compliant.
Overall Diameter: .242″
Weight 4#/100ft
All cable are fully tested. Hi-Pot� and continuity.
Nominal Attenuation-per 100ft/Power Rating(kW)/Efficiently%
0.9dB @ 10MHz/2.16kW/80% E.
1.4dB @ 30MHz/1.24kW/69% E.
2.1dB @ 50MHz/.96kW/62% E.
3.6dB @ 150MHz/0.55kW/43.5% E.
6.3dB @ 450MHz/0.31kW/23.2% E.

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Last Modified: 06/09/2016