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Spot Mirror Antenna Mount for Freightliner Cascadia
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Procomm SPM50

Spot Mirror Antenna Mount for Freightliner Cascadia

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Item #: SPM50-2530
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Last Modified: 11/25/2014

Freightliner Cascadia antenna mount for the passenger's side spot mirror. Installs into an existing bolt hole, simply remove one of the bolts that holds the spot mirror in place (or if there isn't a spot mirror, just remove one of the bolts) and install this mount in it's place. Provides a grounded, tall mounting location for CB or HAM radio antennas. Also works great for XM or Sirius antennas due to it's height.


Fits in place of M6 mounting bolts on the passengers side spot mirror
Knurled finish for extra grip
Also works behind the cab

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

Overall Length
7 1/4 in
Shaft length (not including threads)
6 in
5/8 in

Procomm SPM50 Reviews

What Customers are Saying...

You guys rock : )
-- Adam P.
Thanks, Jason -- I appreciate it. By the way, I am enjoying purchasing my CB equipment through you guys -- you do a very good job. Have a great weekend, Mike Kubit
-- Mike K.
Thank you, very pleasant company to deal with. GERRY >-)
-- Gerry J.
Greetings: Order has arrived. Thanks for a speedy delivery. Will be ordering more in the future Kevin P.
-- Kevin P.