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HAM Antennas.

HAM Radio antennas for almost any frequency and power level. Mobile, HT and Base antennas available. Diamond Antenna, Laird and others.

HAM Antenna Parts category
HAM Antenna Parts

Antenna adapters, NMO, UHF, 3/8 adapters. Loading coils for Diamond Antennas.

Mobile HAM Antennas category
Mobile HAM Antennas

HAM radio antennas for mobile installations. Cars, trucks, vans, semis, etc.

Home Antennas category
Home Antennas

Amateur radio antennas for base station home use.

HT Antennas category
HT Antennas

Handy talky handheld HAM radio antennas.

Frequency: HF category
Frequency: HF

HF (High Frequency) HAM Radio Antennas.

Frequency: VHF (only) category
Frequency: VHF (only)

Amateur radio antennas operating only in the VHF band.

Frequency: VHF / UHF category
Frequency: VHF / UHF

Amateur radio antennas operating in the VHF and UHF bands.

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