Galaxy DX2547 CB Base Radio AM / Single Side Band (SSB)

  • Brand: Galaxy
  • Model: DX2547
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• Base or Mobile CB! Use at home or in a car • SSB ( USB / LSB ) • 5-Digit Frequency Display • Headphone Jack
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Peak and Tune$35.00
Improves modulation by up to 100% and deadkey up to 50%.
Astatic D104M6B Handheld Amplified Microphone$59.95
The handheld version of the popular D104 deskmics from Astatic. Since the Lollipop style deskmics are no longer available, this microphone will still give you the same audio quality but in a compact handheld form.
Galaxy DX2547 CB Base Radio AM / Single Side Band (SSB)


Here it is! Compact yet full featured, the Galaxy DX 2547 base station CB radio comes pre-equipped with sideband and skip-shooting features with an added bonus of being dual purpose as either an indoor Base Station CB or as a regular mobile radio.

Imagine using the DX2547 in your vehicle as a regular full-featured mobile CB complete with features like instant emergency channel 9 and a PA speaker jack, then when you get to your destination plug it into your home AC outlet and base antenna and enjoy the full-featured benefits of a standard base radio.

Small enough to act as a mobile, powerful and featured enough to be an excellent base. This is an enthusiasts dream radio!

Included Parts:

  • 4-Pin Dynamic Microphone
  • Operation/Owner's Manual

DX2547 Features:

  • 2 Digit Channel Indicator: Displays current channel.
  • Operates on both AC and DC: Flip a switch on the back of the radio for either home or mobile use.
  • Six Digit Frequency Counter: See exactly what frequency you are on.
  • Large, easy-to-read meter with 4 scales: -

DX2547 Specifications:

  • Length: 13 1/2in
  • Width: 11 1/4in
  • Height: 4 3/4in

Galaxy DX2547 CB Base Radio AM / Single Side Band (SSB) Reviews

Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Galaxy DX2547 Review By: Raymond B. on 07/10/2011
  • This is a awesome radio, but I am not an expert on all the radios out there. I just know this radio works for me. Once again Walcott has done a perfect job, everything came as orderd and showed up a day early. I got the peak and tune and the Antron 99 antenna. I just have the antenna hooked up to the cloths line for now untill i get the stuff i need for the chimny. There was no need to adjust the SWR it was 1.4 on channel 1 and all the way down 1.0 on 40, I am not going to mess with it. A very nice radio and antenna, I was talking skip right away. It will be better once the antenna is on the roof. The large Channel knob is nice feels good going thru the channels.
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Galaxy DX2547 Review By: Joseph T. on 12/04/2010
  • Product Review: I just received my new Galaxy Base station the other day from WalCott CB and I have to tell you that I am just so pleased! I haven't used a CB since I was around 18 and I am now 38 but man, This thing made me feel like I never left the band.

    I rent an apartment so I also bought the indoor base antenna and even with an indoor antenna this this rocks !

    I also got the "peak and tune" which was also WELL worth the money!

    I wish there was more base stations on the market but this ohe is cool for sure.

    The one thing I did notice is that when I used the mini base indoor antenna, I need to turn the RF power all the way down because the radio is so strong and powerful.

    I am actually on Walcotts website right now to by myself a nice A99 base antenna because I just have to know that this base station kicks but so much, I mean I am amazed how far and awesome this radio is with this small antenna,....I can just imagine if I get that A99 :)

    Anyhow - If your looking for a new base radio, This thing is 10000% worth the money.

    It has an awesome meter too that does SWR, Power and MOD , RF. NB, Its just packed with features and also can run on 12v! WHoot, thats right when I go mobile I can take my sweet rig!

    Thanks for reading, I am on the side :)

  • Pros: Nice Looking, Powerful, Lots of features
  • Cons: not enough time to talk on it!
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Galaxy DX2547 Review By: Clyde P. on 09/04/2008
  • I ordered this with peak/tune and it walks and talks! I even hooked it up in my van for awhile to see how it faired and it actually works better there than my regular mobile unit. I also ordered it with the Astatic D104-M6B and had to take that off and use the stock mic as it had more than enough modulation without the Astatic so I used the D104-M6B on my regular mobile unit.
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Galaxy DX2547 Review By: michael f. on 01/16/2008
  • a fine unit - geting good on the air reports
    the people on chan. like the big radio sound
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Galaxy DX2547 Review By: George L. on 01/08/2008
  • love it with a peak/tune. Was packaged well, and arrived very fast.Thanks Walcott!.
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Thanks for the help, I will let my fellow Jeepers and C.B.'ers know what great customer service you have! Mike
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Thank you Walcott !!! I tried to contact three other "so called distributors", I left each one an e- mail 5 days ago. No answer as of this a.m.. I called on the same day and left follow up messages. Mind you I'm the customer, But I need a radio. Still no calls or e-mails. So this morning I said I' ll call the Walcott number. they are a little more expensive than the chumps I called but I need my radio. The number rang and expecting disappoint, I heard a polite "Hello, Walcott Radio, how my I help you". Well, I flipped. The man introduced himself as Lamont. To make a long story short. Every question was answered, and I had alot. I haven't used a CB in 30 years. The best part I have a real radio guy helping me. I can't wait to get my new radio. No body on the planet can sell me a radio but My Man Lamont. Lamont, thank you so much for your professionalism, courtesy, and friendliness. George D. Smith
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To whom it may concern: I just recently purchased a Uniden BC 796D scanner and wanted to take this oppurtunity to tell you what a pleasurable experience I had. To be answered live on the first 2 rings is what customer service is about and wanted to say thanks for the great experience.Walcott is far above any competition you may have and I will always come back here for all of my needs. Thanks again and "keep up the good work". Barry N. Jones/ President Advanced Business Comm.,Inc.
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Thank you , Jason, You can expect more business from us in the future. George
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