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Galaxy DX2547 CB Base Radio AM / Single Side Band (SSB)

Galaxy DX2547 CB Base Radio AM / Single Side Band (SSB)

5/5 based on 5 Reviews by: Galaxy
Part# DX2547
  • Base or Mobile CB! Use at home or in a car
  • SSB ( USB / LSB )
  • 5-Digit Frequency Display
  • Headphone Jack
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Here it is! Compact yet full featured, the Galaxy DX 2547 CB base station radio comes pre-equipped with sideband and skip-shooting features with a bonus of being dual purpose as either an indoor Base Station CB or as a regular mobile radio.

Imagine using the DX2547 in your vehicle as a regular full-featured mobile CB complete with features like instant emergency channel 9 and a PA speaker jack, then when you get to your destination plug it into your home AC outlet and base antenna and enjoy the full-featured benefits of a standard base radio.

Small enough to act as a mobile, powerful and featured enough to be an excellent base. This is an enthusiasts dream radio!


2 Digit Channel Indicator
Displays current channel.
Operates on both AC and DC
Flip a switch on the back of the radio for either home or mobile use.
Six Digit Frequency Counter
See exactly what frequency you are on.
Large, easy-to-read meter with 4 scales

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

13 1/2in
11 1/4in
4 3/4in

What's Included

  • 4-Pin Dynamic Microphone
  • Operation/Owner's Manual
Last Modified: 09/12/2018