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Jason - Walcott CB
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Cobra Review By: Jason - Walcott Radio Employee on 01/03/2014
  • Product Review: By far our most popular 40 channel CB. This radio is durable and packed with popular features. Its less money than the Cobra 29 WXNWST, with all the same features plus some.

    You simply cannot go wrong with this radio.
  • Pros: Multi-color display is nice with the ability to dim the faceplate down to almost nothing. Built in SWR meter and weather channels give you all the features most people would want.
  • Cons: The chrome case looks great, but can reflect sunlight.
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Cobra Review By: Lee P. on 07/17/2011
  • Great radio! With the large peak and tune this radio really gets out. Everything about this radio is good quality (I recommend a different mic).

    This is a lot of radio for the money!
Rating: 4/5 Rating: 4
Cobra Review By: Raymond B. on 06/22/2011
  • First I have to say the service was great everything came when it was supposed to. The peak and tune was done to my radio, and it sounds great. I know everyone has there own opinion about this new radio but I love this new design and the recieve is good. When the channels are quiet the new scan feature is awesome no more going thru the channels by hand. Yes it is hard to see in the sunlight, it would be nice if it was brighter for the day. People are saying it would be nice if this had SSB, and yes that would make this radio complete. This is a nice new radio it performs well.
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Cobra Review By: Brett B. on 10/12/2010
  • Product Review: I had the large final peak and tune done as soon as I got the radio.
    The radio performs amazingly compared to my other Cobra29LTD Classic. But what really stands out is the design. The display is great. The amber is perfect for day and night. The other features are nice too. The audio sounds great. The Output Final Peak and Tune is awesome!
  • Pros: I love the new display. This radio is going to be a hit.
  • Cons: To bad it is a limited run. Glad I got mine.
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Cobra Review By: william y. on 10/06/2010
  • Product Review: got my 29 lxle on oct.5th 2010 added my astatic echo mic.all local contacts said it is the best they have heard me it sounds like stereo sound with that mic added. i use it as a base station.
  • Pros: sounds better as a base than my cobra 2000 gtl thus far alot of modulation.
  • Cons: none
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Cobra Review By: Larry S. on 09/29/2010
  • Product Review: so far ive been very impressed with this radio. compared to the cobra 150 i love this radio its been a much better and i dont have any complaints. also i figured out how to to dim the facelight cause i didn't want to be blinded by it.
  • Pros: its what cobra should have made instead of the 150
  • Cons: none so far
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THANK YOU for the ultra quck reply! Best customer service I have experienced all year!!! Sincerely, Peter Dilauro.
-- Peter D.
Dear Walcott, I received my order today, and I am very pleased at the professional attention you paid to my order, and order updates. I can't say exactly when, but I can assure you that I will use you in the future for all my cb equipment needs. Also, I'm planning on telling my fellow cb friends on how professional, a job you done. Thanks again, Eddie Hair. A.K.A. Moonshine-568-S.C.
-- Eddie H.
Thank you, very pleasant company to deal with. GERRY >-)
-- Gerry J.
Oh, you are so sweet!!!!!! We can use it for the weekend if it arrives in time. Thank you! That is very kind of you! I almost went with another online site for the same product just because they were $20 cheaper but I felt you guys would provide better service and you already have!!! Nice to know there is a really person at the other end! Thanks again!
-- Beverly J.