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Stryker SR-655-HPC 10 Meter radio with Frequency Counter

  • Brand: Stryker
  • Model: SR655HPC
  • ID: 2418
  • (3 Reviews)
• 80+ Watts PeP Power Output • Selectable Color Display • Autocalibrating SWR Meter • 6 Digit Frequency Counter • VFO Mode • Digital Echo and Talkback • Variable Power
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Stryker SR-655-HPC 10 Meter radio with Frequency Counter
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SR655HPC image - stryker_sr655_hpc_purple.jpgSR655HPC image - stryker_sr655_hpc_original.pngSR655HPC image - stryker_sr655hpc_faceplate_colors.gifSR655HPC image - stryker_sr655_hpc_case.jpgSR655HPC image - stryker_sr655_hpc_case2.jpgSR655HPC image - stryker_sr655_hpc_box_front.jpgSR655HPC image - stryker_sr655_hpc_back.jpg



The Stryker SR-655-HPC is the newest addition from Stryker. Featuring a multi-color LCD faceplate and a frequency counter. This model is almost exactly the same as the Stryker SR-955-HPC except the 655 has AM/FM modes where the 955 has AM/FM/SSB modes. If you're not needing a single sideband operation, but you still want the power and features of the stryker 955, save a bit of cash and consider this model instead. Order this radio at www.WalcottRadio.com.

High Power - The SR-955HPC is uses four FQP13N10 mosfet transistors that produce 70+ watts PEP. If you want be heard, the SR-955HPC has the power required to do some serious talking.

7-Color Frequency Display - The SR-955HPC features a 7-Color frequency display (Stryker Exclusive)

Brilliant 7-Color LED Backlit Face Plate- Choose from 7 colors with the push of a button or let the CPU controller scan through all of the colors on it's own. Our exclusive face plate design provides operators with back lighted controls, making adjustments even in the darkest conditions easy.

Dimmer Control- We listened to your feedback over the years and that's why the SR-955HPC comes with a 32 position dimmer circuit with the lowest position turning the lights all the way off. If your eyes are sensitive to certain lights in the dark this is a must have feature!

Clarifier - Our clarifier gives you the option of choosing if you want the fine control to be used only on receive or also on transmit. You can also select how much range the fine and coarse clarifiers have.

Band / VFO - You can choose between using traditional band mode or VFO mode for continuous operation throughout the frequency range.

PC Programmable - You can further customize your radio using your PC!

Digital Echo with/ Dual Front Mounted Controls - Provides the operator a much wider range of effects and control than typical factory or aftermarket echo boards. Our board is able to reproduce the human voice with virtually no distortion providing maximum clarity and enjoyment.

Six Roger Beeps - Six different roger beeps are included with the SR-955HPC. These are controlled using a switched that is located on the front panel. This is a feature that you will find on virtually no other radio direct from the factory. Most importantly you can create your own customizable roger beeps using our PC software and then load them on to the SR-955PHC's on board memory!.

Variable Power Control – Allows the operator to adjust or vary their carrier from a two watt to over 70 watts PEP.

Variable Talk Back Control – The infamous talk back squeal is virtually eliminated with our independently controlled talk back circuitry. The operator can adjust the volume to the perfect level as operating conditions require. Best of all the user no longer has to turn down the microphone gain to stop the annoying squeal that is often the result of poor design or cost cutting at the production level.

Up-Armored™ Receiver- Our exclusive receiver protection works even under the harshest conditions, such as those experienced at a busy truck stop with many operators running high power radios. In addition our receiver filtering is tighter than most radios on the market. This means adjacent channel rejection is improved.

Included Parts:

  • Stryker SR655HPC 10 Meter Radio
  • 4-Pin Dynamic Microphone
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Mounting Hardware Power Cord
  • Owner's Manual

SR655HPC Features:

  • Scan your favorite channels or frequencies
  • Large Square S/RF & SWR Meter
  • Advanced NB/ANL Circuit Reduces Interference
  • AM/FM Operation and PA Circuitry
  • Automatic calibrating SWR meter for precise measurements
  • Hi-Cut Noise Filter
  • Front microphone connector for easy mounting in tight spaces
  • Receive and Microphone gain controls
  • 3 Year Limited Factory Warranty

SR655HPC Specifications:

  • Power Output: 80+ Watts PeP
  • Modes: AM / FM
  • Frequency Range: 10 Meter 28~29 MHz
  • Length: 11 1/8" from heatsink to bezel
  • Length: 12 1/8" from heatsink to control knobs
  • Width: 8"
  • Height: 2 3/8"
  • Current Draw: 15 Amp
  • Fuse Size: 20 Amp
  • Microphone Pin-Out: Standard 4-Pin
  • Power Connection: Standard 3-Pin

Stryker SR-655-HPC 10 Meter radio with Frequency Counter Reviews

Rating: 1/5 Rating: 1
Stryker SR655HPC Review By: Lee P. on 03/24/2015
  • Product Review: This radio has been nothing but problems. The audio was extremely muffled (tried many different types of microphones with no success) sent the radio back to walcott. They changed out a couple components and sent it back....the audio improved a little, but still very muffled and terrible receive quality...the squelch is either full on or off. All transmit reports from as close as 2 miles away are strong signal, but terrible audio....
  • Pros: cool looking radio with lots of power
  • Cons: completely unusable
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Stryker SR655HPC Review By: Darryl L. on 06/07/2014
  • Product Review: I love this radio. I get nothing but compliments from other drivers. It has the power to be heard without any distortion and the receive it great. Thank you Walcott the set up was perfect and thank you for the recommendation for the 655hp. This is the best radio I have ever owned.
  • Pros: great power without distortion. receive thats outstanding
  • Cons: none but will keep this updated
Jason - Walcott CB
Rating: 4/5 Rating: 4
Stryker SR655HPC Review By: Tom - Walcott Radio Employee on 12/20/2013
  • Product Review: Good radio and great sound on TX. I strongly recommend a noise canceling mic.
  • Pros: Really good features and great sound
  • Cons: However if you want more power consider the Stryker SR497HPC
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Last Modified 09/05/2014

What Customers are Saying...

I have been trucking for 15 years and this has been and still is the best cb radio store in the country! Most of the other ones are chop shops with little to no invintory with some wanabe tech thats nothing more than a parts changer. I am looking forward to doing business with you again in the future. Thank you.
-- Randy E.
Just wanted to thank you for your service on this order. I received the replacement slip seat box and speaker, and also the correct size slip seat box cover earlier this week, in two shipments. The cover was the correct size this time (I sent the smaller one back with the supplied ground label), but more importantly, the replacement slip seat box and speaker were received in beautiful condition; while the first slip seat box was shipped in just the manufacturer's box, with no additional shipping box or material, and the speaker rattling around inside it, the second shipment was packed with bubble material in addition to an exterior shipping carton. Had the original shipment been packed in the same manner the replacement was, I'm sure there would have been no damage whatsoever. UPS came on 4/27 and picked up the original carton with the damaged slip seat box and speaker enclosed. Again, thank you for taking a personal interest in this oder and for resolving it so efficiently. I hope to do business with Walcott again, and will make an effort to stop in when I next get out to the Iowa 80 area. Sincerely, Doug Lyons
-- Doug L.
-- Robert F.
I have recieved the antenna as promise and am very happy with it. It is not installed yet, but I'm glad you Walcott CB Sales took the time to make sure the customer was satisfied. I won't hesitate to recommend you to others. Many thanks, Pierre
-- Pierre M.