Galaxy DX98VHP 200 Watt 10 Meter Radio with Single Sideband

  • Brand: Galaxy
  • Model: DX98VHP
  • ID: 1211
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• 200+ Watts PeP • 5 Digit Frequency Display • AM/FM/USB/LSB Modes • Large Meter w/ Automatic SWR Calibration • Echo & Talkback
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Frequency Expansion & Alignment$35.00
Select this to expand the operational frequencies on this radio, as well as increase the maximum power output to improve performance.
Battery Cable Power Cord Kit with Fuses$84.95
Get connected with this 16' long power cord designed for high performance radios. Includes battery terminals, fuses, and the radio power plug all assembled.
Astatic 636L Noise Canceling Microphone$34.95
Sound clear and static free with a Microphone Upgrade
Loud and Clear External Speaker$9.99
Add some bass and clarity to your radio with this extremely loud and super clear speaker.
RF Deck Enable/Disable Toggle Switch Installed$25.00
If you want the ability to turn off the RF deck on this radio, select this option. If you're unsure what this means, you may not need this optional modification.
High definition full audio spectrum speaker$39.95
Booming lows and crystal clear highs, this is the last speaker you'll ever own. Includes polished chrome case and mounting bracket.
Large Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket$15.95
Black powder coated steel bracket large enough to mount Under or Over 10 meter radios. Especially useful for high power output, large heat sink radios.
Galaxy DX98VHP 200 Watt 10 Meter Radio with Single Sideband
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This is the highest output radio available from Galaxy, pushing over 200 watts of modulation with 8 IRF520 MOSFET final transistors, 50 watts more than the DX95T2 and over twice as powerful as the Galaxy DX94.

Close up of the Galaxy 98VHP faceplate controls

As an added bonus the DX98VHP has all blue LED frequency and channel display as well as blue meter lamps in the extra large meter. Due to the additional output power there are now two internal quiet temperature controlled fans to provide airflow over the enlarged heat-sink. Also included is the Galaxy MOD lamp and Starlite faceplate making the DX98VHP ideal for both night and day use. Big power, loads of features, topped off with the Galaxy name and support. The DX98VHP, meet the big dog in town.

Included Parts:

  • Microphone
  • 2ft Power Cord
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Owners Manual

DX98VHP Features:

  • Variable Output Power: AM carrier adjustable from 10 to 50 watts.
  • Variable RF Gain Control: used to increase or decrease received signals
  • Variable Dimmer Control: Fully adjustable control for faceplate, channel, frequency, and meter displays.
  • Variable Talkback Control: Adjustable talkback level, can be turned off
  • Accessory Panel: New! All internal hardware now included
  • Galaxy Style Echo
  • Built-in Voice Changer
  • On/Off Roger Beep
  • Automatic SWR Curcuit
  • Same Main PCB as DX95T2
  • AM/USB/LSB Modes
  • Starlite Faceplate
  • Side Microphone Jack
  • 5-Digit Blue LED Frequency Counter

DX98VHP Specifications:

  • Power Output: 200+ Watts PeP
  • Modes: AM / USB / LSB
  • Frequency Range: 10 Meter 28~29 MHz
  • Length: 10 1/8" from heatsink to bezel
  • Length: 11 1/8" from heatsink to control knobs
  • Width: 7 7/8"
  • Height: 3 1/4"
  • Current Draw: 45 Amp
  • Fuse Size: 50 Amp
  • Microphone Pin-Out: Standard 4-Pin
  • Power Connection: 2-Pin Heavy Duty

Galaxy DX98VHP 200 Watt 10 Meter Radio with Single Sideband Reviews

Jason - Walcott CB
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Galaxy DX98VHP Review By: Jason - Walcott Radio Employee on 12/19/2013
  • Product Review: I absolutely love this radio. One of the most powerful 10 meter radios available with over 200 watts. SSB operation is nominal and on par with other Galaxy radios. An excellent choice when the band is open on 10 meters.
  • Pros: Lots of power, large meter, and all the features you could want.
  • Cons: This is one heavy radio. For our base station operation, it sits on a bench, so the bulk isn't a problem.
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Galaxy DX98VHP Review By: dale t. on 04/23/2010
  • Product Review: I have had this system for awhile an man it is loud to everyone that hears it an i am running it in my rig with a wilson 5000 an it's doing the job so thanks for the hard work u have done to this radio it gets out real far an very loud to.....
  • Pros:
  • Cons:
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Galaxy DX98VHP Review By: Stephen E. on 02/21/2009
  • I have been running this radio for about six months now in my car with a wilson 5000.This is the best set-up I think I ever had.Setting on the mountain brow here in Burlington,Ontario I made a contact in the UK!
Rating: 5/5 Rating: 5
Galaxy DX98VHP Review By: Dirk V. on 02/22/2008
  • This unit will drop the maul. I use it to drive an 8KW Pill Box, through Jo-Gun beams, running hardline, and it does a nice BOOMPH on puppets...

    Mud Ducks are dying left and right. Good SSB, too, like the drifts a bit when it gets warm, but not a big deal....
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I recently ordered a mic from you. The process was very simple. You had what I wanted. I recieved my order VERY quickly. I am a ham operator and have shopped most of the major dealers and no one has handled my request as fast as you did and at a reasonable price.This is all mentioned as my needs sometime become quite expensive. To cut to the chase, I will shop you first from now on for my radio needs
-- Billy W.
Thanks for the help. I had a lot of questions because I built my headache rack with one of the major purposes being to mount my antenna on it. This rack was mostly designed and built at the same time, so I built, then redesigned, etc, to see what worked and what wouldn't. Today was a case in point. Thanks for helping me in my "designing" and ensuring I got what would work, saving me from some frustration later on.
I'm just stunned at the outstanding service I've experienced with Walcott. As you advertised I actually got to talk to a breathing person who correct a slight mistake I made in my order. I mean within minutes it was correct with a very polite gentleman. I panice at times when I have a cyber order problem due to the difficulty of talking to a live person. You have taken it to a different level. My IMAX 2000 went out the same day. I will be back...........Thank you for being there.
-- Edward J.
Thanks for your excellant service. My order arrived on schedule and is now installed and working perfectly. Fact is with the new antenna my CB is working better than it ever has worked. Thanks again. Charles Whitard
-- Charles W.