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C4PRCI6 Microphone Adapter 4 Pin to 6 Pin Ranger

C4PRCI6 Microphone Adapter 4 Pin to 6 Pin Ranger

  • Brand: Workman Electronics
  • Model: C4PRCI6
  • ID: 1348
  • Rating: 0.0(0 Customer Reviews)
• Convert your standard 4-PIN microphone into a 6-Pin ranger microphone
• Works with Ranger RCI 2950, 2970 and 2995 radios
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Finally! Now you can use your 4 pin standard microphone with your Ranger RCI2950, 2970, and 2995 radio. Simply screw microphone onto adapter, attach adapter to radio

Converts any 4-pin microphone (with standard Cobra / Galaxy wiring).

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Last Modified 12/09/2013