• XM Onyx Dock-n-Play Satellite Radio with Car Kit XDNX1V1
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  • Large Full-Color Display
  • 6 Selectable Display Colors
XDNX1V1 by Audiovox

XM Onyx Dock-n-Play Satellite Radio with Car Kit XDNX1V1 ( discontinued )

Audiovox XDNX1V1 Overview

A customizable interface means you don't have to clash with your dash, making the Onyx a top pick for the aesthetically inclined.

The choice is yours! Display and trim-ring color options to match your dash lights
What else is on? Find out without having to change the channel

Complete XM radio including mount, power cord and antenna. Everything you need to listen to the highest quality digital satellite radio service on the planet.

Audiovox XDNX1V1 Summary

  • PowerConnect FM Transmitter Works through Your Vehicle's Radio
  • Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation
  • 6 Selectable Display Color Themes and 3 Different Trim Rings
  • View Artist Name, Song Title & Channel Information On Large Color Display
  • Fast Access Up to 10 of Your Favorite Channels
  • Browse Programs, Artists and Songs Playing On Other Channels
  • One-Touch Jump To Traffic and Weather of the 20 Most Congested Cities

Audiovox XDNX1V1 Technial Specifications