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Winegard MT-SM30 Window Mount for Pathway X1 & Carryout G2

Winegard MT-SM30 Window Mount for Pathway X1 & Carryout G2

by: Winegard
Part# MTSM30
  • Quickly clips on vehicle window
  • Compatible with Winegard Carryout G2 and Pathway X1 antennas
  • Includes 2 Exterior Mounting Brackets
MTSM30 image - MTSM30.jpg
MTSM30 image - MTSM30_dimensions.jpg
MTSM30 image - MTSM30_installed.jpg

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The Winegard MT-SM30 is a quick and easy solution when trying to mount the Winegard Carryout G2 and Pathway X1 satellite TV antennas. The window clip mount allows you to clip the antenna onto the lip of a window when you're stopped, and the clip itself swivels up to 90 degrees to level the antenna on a slanted window. Bumpers at the bottom help stabilize the antenna and keep it from banging against the window. Winegard has also included two exterior mount brackets that you can install onto the vehicle so you can clip the window mount on the body of the vehicle.

Specifications, Weight, Dimensions

13.35 inches
10.25 inches
5.75 inches

What's Included

  • Window Mount Assembly
  • Hardware Bag
  • 2 Plastic Bumpers
  • 2 Exterior Mounting Brackets
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  • Built tough and tested to withstand harsh trucking environment
  • Compatible with Carryout G2 and Pathway X1 Antennas
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Last Modified: 05/22/2018