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Wilson No Ground 4' Antenna Kit 305-440

Wilson No Ground 4' Antenna Kit 305-440

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Part# 305-440
  • � Approx. Height: 4ft
  • � Complete Antenna System
  • � Works on Fiberglass, Plastic, Metal, Anywhere!
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Wilson 3 foot Slide to Tune No-Ground Plane CB Antenna System

Wilson 4' "Slide to Tune" No-Ground Plane CB Antenna System

The new all fiberglass tractors present many challenges to installers trying to get an antenna to work. Forget the hassles of trying to get a CB antenna working when you can't get a ground for the antenna. These rigs no longer present a problem if you use the new Wilson Slide-To-Tune no-ground fiberglass antenna. This antenna will be able to tune in and perform well no matter what you install it on.

The Wilson Slide-To-Tune no-ground antenna will also work great on those fiberglass RV's, motor homes, even boats, motorcycles and apartments. None of them present a problem to the Wilson no-ground antenna. You can use this antenna in any location, anywhere! Just mount it in a clear spot, connect coax to radio and antenna, and adjust for minimum SWR. It's that simple to tune in any location. With this new style of antenna you can tune for the lowest SWR match from the inside comfort of your cab. No more getting in and out of the cab to make the necessary adjustments. Simply slide the tuning knob backwards or forwards for the lowest SWR readings for your installation. Now "Slip Seaters" do not have to worry about their radios matching different tractors. No ground straps to worry about, no fussing and fighting to get the antenna tuned. Simply attach included antenna mount to a convenient place, and Slide-To-Tune for lowest SWR.


  • Works with any CB radio

  • No Ground Plane Required: This complete antenna kit is designed to work anywhere with anything. When an antenna states that it is "no ground" that means it can be mounted to plastic, fiberglass, metal, etc. Any location that can sustain the weight of the antenna will work.

  • Tune antenna from inside of vehicle with slide-to-tune coax

  • Antenna & coax will not work separately

  • One year limited manufacturer warranty

  • Complete Antenna System

  • What about excess coax cable? Using the all the coax cable can sometimes result in an excess amount of cable in the cab. This excess cable should be "stuffed" underneath the dash, under the carpet, or use some other means of hiding it. It should NOT be coiled into a nice neat roll or coil. This creates an "RF Choke" and de-tunes the antenna system, in some cases to the point of not being able to get the SWR down to an acceptable level.
    WARNING: Never cut the supplied coax cable. The cable is a desired length and part of your antenna system. Altering the antenna or coaxial cable voids warranty.

  • RV / Motor Home InstallationsFor those mobile homes without good mirrors (or ones very low), using the "L" section of the mount will work just great. It can be attached against the verticle side of the motor home for a flush mounting position.


  1. Remove all parts of the Wilson Slide-To-Tune� No-Ground antenna from the package.

  2. Install the included mount on the mirror bracket

  3. Install the coax cable

  4. After completing the coax cable installation, attach the included lug to the bare coax cable end. Use a crimping tool to secure lug onto cable.

  5. Connect the lug to the bottom side of antenna mount (see additional images to the left for details)

  6. Secure coaxial cable to mirror mount (or mirror support arm) with a cable tie to remove strain on connection to mount lug and prevent coax from moving .

  7. Connect the PL-259 end of the coax to the SWR meter or radio.

  8. Secure the antenna onto the mount by tightening the hex nut with a crescent or open-end wrench. CAUTION: Do Not Over Tighten.

SWR Tuning

  1. Connect system as shown below, using a 4' length of RG/58 (or Mini 8) coax cable between the radio and the SWR meter.

  2. All doors should be closed and the vehicle should be away from close range of buildings, trees and power lines when checking SWR.

  3. Calibrate the SWR meter according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  4. Check system for SWR reading, on CH-1, 20, and 40.

  5. If the SWR is higher on CH1 than on CH40, loosen tuning knob and simply slide knob back (towards SWR meter) about a 1/4", tighten knob and recheck the SWR. Continue this method until the lowest SWR is obtained on CH20.

  6. If the SWR is higher on CH40 than on CH1, loosen tuning knob and simply slide the tuning knob forward (towards antenna) about a 1/4", tighten knob and recheck the SWR. Continue this method until the lowest SWR is obtained on CH20.

  7. Once you achieve the proper SWR, then firmly secure the tuning knob. CAUTION: Do Not Over Tighten.


  • 5/8 Wave

  • 300 Watt Power Handling

  • Standard 3/8 x 24" Connector


  • Length: 4'

  • Width: 1/2" Diameter

  • Mounting Bracket Made for Semi Trucks with West Coast mirror arms (Freightliner FLD, Classic, Pete 379, etc)

Last Modified: 08/30/2016