• Wilson Electronics 311101 Trucker Mirror Mount Antenna
  • Cell Phone Antenna for Truckers
  • Includes 10' of Coax
  • Now Comes With SMA Connector
311101 by WeBoost

Wilson Electronics 311101 Trucker Mirror Mount Antenna ( discontinued )

WeBoost 311101 Overview

Wilson Trucker Style Cell Antenna

New model includes an SMA connection for use on newer models of Wilson Electronics Amplifiers.

The Wilson Trucker Cellular Antenna is a versatile cellular antenna that works great on trucks, cars, boats, homes, or almost any other application. Its main benefit over our other dual band antennas is the tall fiberglass shaft which gets it up and away from anything which may interfere with its signal. This is especially useful on large trucks and home installations. Works on any surface - metal, fiberglass, wood, etc. (no ground is required).

The Engineers who created the Wilson Trucker CB Antenna have designed a cellular antenna that connects directly to your cellphone with an external antenna adapter. No other manufacturers cellular antenna comes close to the performance of the Wilson Trucker Cellular Antenna, both on 800 and 1900 MHz (Digital or Analog). Up to 90% of the power on both transmit and receive is absorbed within the truck cab and the users head. We solve this problem by channeling all the power from the cellphone to the outside antenna. This results in our trucker antenna transmitting and receiving over 10 times more signal than a cellphone used inside the truck without an outside antenna.

The Wilson Trucker Cellular Antenna was carefully designed to minimize loss and maximize gain on both the 800 MHz and 1900 MHz bands. Wilson accomplished this by using a phasing coil and a low loss coaxial phase reversing device that provides high gain on both frequencies. Wilson's innovative design results in high efficiency with low losses and will get the most signal to your cellular phone. Thanks to these innovations and their attention to detail Wilson Electronics has the best performing trucker cellular antenna available.

32" (Antenna Height)
10' (Coax Length)

WeBoost 311101 Technial Specifications