• The Road Tripper CB Radio Package for RV Recreational Vehicles

The Road Tripper CB Radio Package for RV Recreational Vehicles

  • Complete CB Radio System
  • Includes Cobra 75WXST Handheld CB Radio with built-in NOAA Weather, the radio fits in the palm of your hand!
  • Firestik no ground plane antenna system, designed specifically for RV's
  • High quality loud CB speaker so you can hear what's going on



Walcott Radio ROAD-TRIPPER-CB-KIT Overview

If you have an RV motorhome, your needs for a CB radio are just as important as all of the truckers around you. With a CB radio you'll gain access to a communications network that spans the country, which will allow you to know what's happening on the road ahead and around you.

Has traffic stopped, but you don't know why?
Is there a detour ahead, but your GPS doesn't tell you?
Do you want to know why the cops and ambulances are zipping passed you?

Get a CB radio today and find out.

The CB radio and antenna combo we have assembled here consists of all the stuff you need to get access to the CB radios on the road all around you. We've included the Cobra 75WXST Off-Road CB Radio, the smallest CB radio available today, so small you can hold the entire radio in your hand just like a microphone! The specialty "no-ground" antenna system is designed just for your fiberglass motorhome, made to work where other's would not. To top everything off, we've included a loud and clear compact 4" speaker that will enable you to hear what's happening on your CB no matter what.

This CB radio and antenna combo was hand crafted by the experienced employees of Walcott Radio. If you have any questions what-so-ever, or need advice on installation or usage, give us a call! We are at your disposal to get your setup installed and working as quickly as possible.

Walcott Radio ROAD-TRIPPER-CB-KIT Specifications

  • CB RadioHandheld CB radio fits in the palm of your hand
  • AntennaNo-Ground plane antenna kit with a 3' fiberglass antenna
  • SpringAn antenna spring is included, so if your antenna is struck by something like a tree, or overpass, the spring will allow your antenna to flex
  • MountA side-body mount designed to be mounted to the outer wall of your RV, typically near your driver's side window
  • SpeakerA 4" loud and clear speaker, so no matter your level of hearing or noise in the vehicle, you can hear what's happening on the road.

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