• Stryker SR-94 HPC Compact 10 Meter Amateur Radio
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Stryker SR-94 HPC Compact 10 Meter Amateur Radio

SR94HPC - Stryker Radio On Your Wish List But Not Sure If You Have Room? Take A Look At The SR-94HPC. Small in size - LOADED with features.

  • Extermely Compact Chasis
  • Full Color TFT Display


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Stryker SR94HPC Overview

New from Stryker Radios is the SR-94 HPC ultra-compact 10-meter amateur radio. They were able to cram a whole heck of a lot into small little chasis. The full color TFT display is bright and easy to read and can be dimmed if needed. Along the sides of the Stryker CB radio are 6 programmable buttons that by default will control your Power On/Off/Mute (P1), AM/FM Mode (P2), RF Gain (P3), Volume (P4) Squelch (P5) and Power (P6).

The power output is set at 4W carrier and 10W modulation on low power, and at 10W carrier and 40W modulation on high power. The power output is not adjustable beyond these readings.

Stryker SR94HPC Features

  • Dimmable TFT Color Display
  • High & Low Power (4 watt or 10-watt carrier)
  • Scan Function
  • Dual Channel Watch
  • Channel and Frequency Display
  • Integrated Automatic SWR Meter
  • Digital S-meter Display
  • 4 Memory Channels
  • Noise Blanker Function & Hi-Cut Filter
  • Channel 9 & 19 Quick Access
  • Roger Beep function (8 settings)
  • Microphone with UP / DOWN selection
  • Squelch (Manual or ASQ) and Volume Adjustable
  • Time-Out Timer function

Stryker SR94HPC Specifications

  • Modulation ModeAM/FM
  • Input Voltage12/24V
  • Frequency ControlPLL Synthesizer
  • Power OutputLow 4 watts/ 30 watts, High 10 watts/ 40 watts
  • Width124mm (4.88 inches)
  • Depth163mm (6.41 inches)
  • Height39mm (1.53 inches)

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