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Sirius XM 50 Foot Extension SIR-EXT50

Sirius XM 50 Foot Extension SIR-EXT50

Part# SIR-EXT50
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The SIR-EXT50 is a 50-foot extension cable to connect your satellite radio to your antenna. Compatible with any Sirius or XM radio with a single-input connection.
No more than two extension kits can be used with at once, as it will diminish antenna strength.

THIS IS NOT AN ANTENNA. This is an extension cable that requires the use of an antenna.


Weather-resistant cable for either indoor or outdoor use
Built-in amplifier
Works with any single-input home/car/boat antenna such as
XM Home Antenna, Outdoor Home Antenna, NGVA1 Vehicle Antenna
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Last Modified: 07/15/2019