• Roadcase Plus Slipseat Radio Box for CB Radio and Stereo
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  • � Compact carrying case for CB Radio or 10 Meter Radios and Stereo � Includes a CB speaker and two Stereo Speakers � Handle on top for easy carrying � Front panel closes � Top of box is hinged for easy access and storage
ROADCASEPLUS by Walcott Radio

Roadcase Plus Slipseat Radio Box for CB Radio and Stereo ( discontinued )

Walcott Radio ROADCASEPLUS Overview

Slipseat radio boxes are designed to have a CB radio (or 10 meter radio) and a stereo installed inside a tight case, with a carrying handle, so as to allow your electronics to move in and out of your truck with you.

Commonly used by truck drivers who need to jump into a different truck on a regular basis.

The Roadcase Plus box consists of a standard stereo DIN sized opening on top, which means any single slot (single DIN) stereo from any brand will fit. Under the stereo opening is a wider slot measuring at 8.25" wide by 2.75" tall, designed to fit any 10 meter or CB radio that does not have cooling fins on the bottom.

On the front of the box a pre-installed 4" CB external speaker is mounted. And on the sides of the box are a pair of 6" stereo speakers pre-installed.

The back of the box consists of a single female PL-259 connection, which has a 2 foot long coax cable inside the box to connect to a CB radio.

To simplify all of the power and antenna connections we strongly suggest selecting the RCPanel on the right side of this page. The RC panel will add coax connections for both the CB (PL-259 female) and stereo (Motorola Female) as well as a standard 3-pin power jack and a red/black thumb screw power connection.

Sold Separately.

Walcott Radio ROADCASEPLUS Technial Specifications