• Ranger RCI99N4 400 Watt 10 Meter Radio
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  • Ranger RCI99N4 400 Watt 10 Meter Radio
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Ranger RCI99N4 400 Watt Bird Power 10 Meter Radio AM USB LSB Frequency Counter Color Changing Display Echo and RF Deck Off Switch

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Ranger RCI 99N4 400+ Watt 10 Meter Radio Every feature you could want in a radio. Loads of power. Color Changing Display. Single Sideband. And more

  • ALL NEW! Now shipping!
  • The all new higher output version of the RCI99N2
  • Pushing 400 watts PeP makes this tied with the Ranger RCI69FFB4 for most powerful radio
  • 400+ Watts PeP (Bird), 275 Watts RMS (Dosy)
  • Color changing faceplate (you select the color)


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Ranger RCI99N4 Description

This is a game-changer from Ranger. Finally, something to compete against all of the features and performance from the Galaxy DX 98VHP. See why this new radio from Ranger has more to offer versus the Galaxy counterpart. This all new N4 model DOUBLES the output power from the 99N2 and Galaxy 98. This is now the most feature-rich, highest output radio available.

The striking black faceplate with glowing, color changing faceplate means you won't have a hard time reading the controls on this radio. There's a built-in dimmer control so you can almost turn all the lights off, if you prefer.

The 400 watt built-in RF deck has a factory installed on/off switch shown on the front left of the radio. This allows you to completely disable the RF deck and operate under the radio's output power alone. Here's how the power output breaks down.

Other features include a fully controllable echo/reverb effect. Variable talkback control. PA speaker output. 5-digit easy to read frequency counter. Built-in auto-calibrating SWR meter with high SWR alert light. A free Ranger noise canceling microphone is included as well - one of the best sounding mics you can buy today!.

Warranty Information

Warranty and support is provided by Ranger USA at https://www.rangerusa.com/warranty-information or by phone at 619-271-4035. We do not offer an in-house warranty on this product.

  • AM & SSB Modes (no FM)
  • Echo & Talkback
  • Variable RF Power Output
  • Built-in 5-digit Frequency Counter
  • Touch Select Multicolor Display
  • Multifunction Panel Meter
  • Display Dimmer
  • Autocalibrating SWR Meter
  • 12 Frequency Bands
  • Variable Talkback
  • Fine (RX only) Clarifier Control

Important notes on power output

Measuring power output will vary depending on many variables. Our default test-setup consists of a 14-volt power supply, 50 ohm dummy load, and Bird wattmeter reading PeP (peak envelope power). If you are using different equipment, measuring RMS instead of PeP, or have an SWR reading different that shown, you may have different results. The following chart shows an example of power readings for this radio with changes to measurement variables.

Test Bench Settings:
SWR1.2 with dummy load
Impedance50 ohm

Bird Wattmeter

AM Carrier (low w/ 50W slug)10W
AM Carrier (high w/ 100W slug)150W
AM Modulation (PeP w/ 500W slug)400-450W*

Bird Wattmeter - RF Deck Switched OFF

AM Carrier (low w/ 50W slug) 0.5W
AM Carrier (high w/ 50W slug)5W
AM Modulation (PeP @ 100W slug)30W

Dosy Wattmeter - Wide Variation in Accuracy - +/- 15% on average versus Bird

AM Carrier 8-9W
AM Carrier150-185W
AM Modulation250-750W*


Length (chassis only)9.25"
Length (from SO-239 to control knobs)11"
Width7 7/8"
Height3 1/4"
Suggested Power Source50A constant (in vehicles, this means a direct to battery power connection)
• SWR will affect power readings significantly. The readings above were using a dummy load with a 1.2 SWR reading.
• Power output readings drastically vary depending on meter. If you measure power with a Dosy meter the modulation range is anywhere from 400-750 watts! This huge discrepancy in power is exactly why we do not suggest using Dosy meters for measuring modulation.
• This radio is best suited for 400 watts PeP modulation as per a Bird wattmeter. If modulation is turned up higher than this, distorted audio and significant strain is placed on the output transistors. We do not turn the radio up past the 400 watt limit to maintain audio clarity AND the life of the radio.

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