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Complete CB Radio Package with Super Compact President Bill II FM CB and 20" Magnetic Antenna includes Power Plug Pre-Installed

Updated to the new Bill II FM CB The latest compact complete mobile CB radio package. Order online for a discounted price

  • Updated September 2022 Now includes the new Bill II FM CB radio
  • The smallest CB radio available!
  • Maximum CB radio Power
  • Magnetic 20" AM/FM Look-alike CB Antenna
  • Power Cord Plug Installed
  • 2.1A USB Jack - Charge your phone from your CB!


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President NEWYORKBILL Overview

Want a CB radio but are limited on space? Do you want something that actually looks like it was created from this century? The President Bill CB radio with New York magnetic antenna fits the *bill*. This is the smallest CB radio package we could put together without sacrificing any performance. You get a feature rich CB with multi-color display and a front mounted USB jack, as well as a super compact 20" CB antenna that looks like just the stock AM/FM antenna that comes pre-installed on most cars today. We've also taken the time to install a lighter power plug for you, so your installation is as easy as pie. Antenna plugs into radio, radio plugs into your lighter outlet, and voila, you're done.

Quick Tips:

How to change the color:
1. With the radio off, hold in the CB/WX Alert Button.  The radio turns on with color selection mode.
2. Use the channel up/down option on the microphone to select the color you want.
3. Key the mic to set the color.

President NEWYORKBILL Features

  • Front USB 5V / 2.1A JackUse To Charge A Smart Phone Or Other Devices
  • Manual squelch and ASC (Automatic Squelch Control)Just Set It To ASC And Forget It!
  • Multi-function LCD displayDisplays Channel & Frequency
  • ANL filter, NB, HI-CUTCuts Down On Unwanted Noise
  • ScanUse To Scan All 40 Channels
  • Roger BeepEnd Of Transmission Beep
  • Instant Channel 9/19 SwitchableGreat For Switching Between Channels Quickly
  • Weather channel with AlertStay Alert To Changing Weather Conditions
  • Front microphone plugAllows For Installation In Tight Positions
  • Microphone Electret or DynamicSwitchable By Menu Settings Allows You To Install Your Favorite Mic
  • External loudspeaker jackEasily Add An External Speaker

President NEWYORKBILL Specifications

1/4 wave
1.1/1 pre-adjusted
19.69 inches - 500 mm
Dual helical

President NEWYORKBILL Reviews

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