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PL259-58-4 Coax Connectors (4-Pack)

PL259-58-4 Coax Connectors (4-Pack)

Part# PL259-58-4
  • PL259 Connector for RG58 Coax Cable
  • Requires soldering
PL259-58-4 image - PL259-58-4.jpg
PL259-58-4 image - PL259-58-4_1.jpg
PL259-58-4 image - PL259-58-4_2.jpg


High quality PL-259 connectors, also known as HF connectors, typically used on CB and HF HAM radios and CB antennas. With CB radios and CB antennas this connector is universal and used in almost every instance, if you're looking to repair your CB cable these connectors are the right kind for you.



High quality PL-259 connectors
Pre-packaged with 4 connectors
Requires soldering
Last Modified: 12/04/2018