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Paradynamics - PDC30 - Antenna Matcher

Paradynamics - PDC30 - Antenna Matcher

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Part# PDC30
PDC30 image - PDC30_tnn.jpg


Antenna Matcher

PDC30 Antenna Matcher

Antenna matcher. Use to fine tune high SWR reading. Helps protect the radio from being damaged by a high SWR reading.

Note! This device does not come with instructions, usage is determined by the SWR readings as shown on an SWR meter. Adjust tune and load knobs until a low SWR reading has been achieved.


  • Maximum Power Input: 500 Watts

  • Frequency Range: 26-28 Mhz


  • Length: 1 1/2"

  • Width: 3"

  • Height: 4"

Last Modified: 02/08/2010