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OutBack CB Antenna Bracket OBKT

  • OutBack KW T2000 and 387 Pete Antenna Solution!


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Item #: OBKT

Walcott Radio
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Stryker SR-A10 High Performance CB and 10 Meter 10000 Watt Antenna

Walcott Radio OBKT Overview

OutBack KW T2000 and 387 Pete Antenna Solution!

You've been waiting, now here it is: Outback Antenna Mounting Solution! Now there is a way to attach your own antenna to Kenworth T2000, Peterbilt 387 and other trucks without modifying the factory installed system. The truck antenna mount bracket easily and securely attaches to the rear grab handle with 8 mounting bolts. 18" long. Includes stud mount.

Walcott Radio OBKT Features

  • Designed specifically for the KW T2000 and Peterbilt 387 trucks
  • Fixes the no ground plane issue with both trucks!
  • Performs like a standard mirror arm antenna mount like those found on 379s, 377s, etc.
  • Now use any length or type of antenna you want, no more are you confined to 3 foot non-performance sticks
  • Can be used on either side of the truck

Walcott Radio OBKT Specifications

  • Length17 1/2in
  • Width7 1/2in
  • Height 7 1/2in

Walcott Radio OBKT Reviews

Jason D.
Submitted 6 years ago.
Allows Pete 387/587 and KW T2000 trucks to have a functioning antenna system with low SWR.Doesn't work on trucks with a rear mounted driver's side stack.The best option for getting a low SWR reading and a functioning antenna system, especially for the Peterbilt 387 and 587 and Kenworth T2000.

Typically works best if mounted to the driver's side, as long as there isn't a stack there.
Dennis V.
Submitted 13 years ago.
✔ Verified Purchase
I recieved the Outback antenna bracket for my KW T2, works great, strong support for my Wilson Trucker SW 5000, good SWR match of 1.4. Looks good and gets the antenna away from the truck for unobstructed signal. One suggestion for an update model, would have liked the mount made out of 304 Stainless Steel:)
This mount is much more appealing and better design than the competitors brand, I am glad I waited and kept looking, I was in the process of designing my own and then seen this and went ahead and ordered.
Robert M.
Submitted 13 years ago.
Ive been waiting for this bracket to come out and thank god it did. Mounted to my T2000 with a wilson 5000 trucker no more do i have to put upwith the crappy stock antennas, awesome!!!
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