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MobileSpec MS312 12 Volt 3 Way Power Adapter

MobileSpec MS312 12 Volt 3 Way Power Adapter

Part# MS312
  • 3 Way Adapter
  • 30 Inch Cord
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Adapts a single 12 Volt source into 3 12 Volt connections. Charge multiple cellphones or mobile devices without fighting someone over an available socket. Comes with mounting screws and double stick adhesive for mounting in the vehicle.


Plug Up to Three (3) 12-Volts Devices into One 12-Volt Port
Illuminated Socket for Cigarette Lighter Use Only or 12-Volt Accessories
LED Power Indicator On the Plug
30" Power Cord with High Quality 12-Volt Plug
Dual Spring Contacts for Maximum Conductivity
Includes Mounting Bracket with Screws and Double Sided Adhesive Tape
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